The best youtube channels to learn unity

The best youtube channels to learn unity in 2022

We know that you are busy, that it can be very difficult to find good quality tutorials when you are surrounded by infinite content. We’ve selected The best youtube channels to learn unity that can help you master Unity.

Unity is one of the most popular game engines out there and it is free for personal use. There are a lot of popular games that were made in Unity, such as Cuphead, Genshin Impact, Hearthstone, Cities: Skylines, and many others. Whether you’re a seasoned Unity user or a beginner, we hope these channels will help you master your art.

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let’s start the review.

The best youtube channels to learn unity


It would be absolutely foolish not to mention the Unity channel, where you can get updates and tips to work with Unity. There you can even find exclusive breakdowns from Unity-made games’ creators in Creator Spotlight as well as streams and workshops from numerous content makers.


You might also find tutorials about video game development on this site, including how to create games in 2D or 3D. This channel has short videos; therefore, don’t worry that you’ll find yourself stuck at the computer for long periods of time.

Mix And Jam

A very interesting channel from a game developer recreating some of the most famous game mechanics with unity. Ended up landing a job at Unity.


My channel provides various resources. Like in this channel you can learn how to set the characters’ AI to suit whatever game you’re making. If you prefer, you can also learn how to customize your characters or make specific types of games. You will find different playlists that detail how Noa’s games are made. These tips help you develop the skills needed to make your own games.

Code Monkey

Code Monkey is a professional indie game developer, and aside from practical advice he regularly posts games he’s made using the Unity game engine. He also shows games made in Unity


In case you need to learn how to create games, assets and animation as well as how to see the creation of his procedurally planet, that you can now download from the Unity Asset Store!


SpeedTutor makes great tutorials, and they’re… pretty quick. The creator frequently shares videos about the Unity game engine to keep the channel active. There is also an overview of free assets, monthly overviews of games and VFX built in Unity, and a monthly update on monthly Unity’s updates.


If you want to learn how to create lighting and renderings, check out the channel UGuruz. This channel provides tutorials on lighting and rendering and will help you produce the most realistic projects possible.


a channel about being more than a gamer. At GTGD you will find game development and Unity tutorials, his own projects, and beliefs.

Jason Weimann

This channel is dedicated to helping game developers be better at game development. He likes to teach a bit of everything, from the getting started and beginner style stuff to advanced techniques and patterns. Some of the topics you’ll see featured include: Clean Code Design Patterns Unit Testing Virtual Reality Networked Games MMORPG Development Occasional random stories about AAA projects Plenty of stories about indie projects (and lessons learned)


Interesting channel Featuring Unity tutorials, game development and more with a fun touch but a lot of indepth details.


This channel is all about coding games! You will find short, simple, beginner friendly tutorials on how to create 2D computer games. It includes small tutorials on things that can be added to a game at any point, not massive tutorials! And the best thing about it is, you can customise everything to your liking. The tutorials will are made with Unity and C#. Alongside the tutorials, the author also use the channel to advertise his games, and show you all how he creates them. If you’re an experienced game developer or a complete noob looking to get into making games, I you’ll find something useful on the channel!

Game Dev Guide

We are certain that your list below will help you learn Unity or simply try something new. This is just the beginning. There are plenty of great creators out there.

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