NESFAB Making games for the NES

NESFab is a specialized programming language designed specifically for creating games on the Nintendo Entertainment System, a console with a vintage that demands a high level of expertise in 6502 Assembly language.

NESFab, game maker for the NES

NESFAB - tool webpage

NESFAB – tool webpage

This language has gained attention from the tech community, as it provides a much-needed solution to the complex and challenging task of game development on this platform.

The language was created by a talented developer who embarked on a personal project to write an optimizing compiler from scratch.

The project required the development of several essential components, including a lexer/parser, SSA-based IR, high-performance data structures, and a code generator. The creator of NESFab was able to complete all of these tasks independently, demonstrating an impressive level of skill and dedication.

NESFAB game screenshot

Originally, NESFab was not designed specifically for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but instead began as a scripting language. It later evolved into a C++ replacement and ultimately transformed into the specialized language it is today. While the language is still relatively new and somewhat rough around the edges, it is now fully functional and ready for use.

Creating games for the Nintendo Entertainment System requires more than just expertise in 6502 Assembly language. The console is notoriously challenging to work with due to its complex memory management and unique platform-specific quirks.

However, the tool offers developers a solution to this challenge, enabling them to create games on this vintage console with greater ease and efficiency.

If you are impressed by NESFab and its creator’s dedication, you can support the project by contributing to their Patreon. By doing so, you can help to ensure that the software continues to evolve and improve, making game development on the Nintendo Entertainment System more accessible and enjoyable for all.

Download Tool

The best way to get NESFab is by compiling it from the source, which will always be up-to-date. For those who don’t like compiling, binary releases will be provided from time to time.

NESFab is currently in beta, and likely has bugs and missing features.

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