How to Make an HTML5 Game

How to Make an HTML5 Game

In this article we will cover the process and tools leverage on How to Make an HTML5 Game.

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Flash games are not part of modern interactive games anymore. Although it is hard to predict what will replace the Internet as a medium for games, whether you play them or not, more games are every day being released by improved games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator X 2016, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

The ongoing proliferation of chipsets and API’s allows the growth of html5 for games and game development to come at exponential rates. Thanks to the advancements of technology and new frameworks, HTML5 game delivery is starting to be considered a valid framework and tool, not only for mobiles or web, but also for console and pc!

The genre of HTML5 is now seen as equally feasible as video games on mobile devices, thanks to the widespread popularity of browser gaming.

If you enjoy the prospect of making your own games, then let’s begin this guide by looking at how games are made using HTML5. You can improve your game development skills by learning new ways to do it.

How to Make an HTML5 Game
Interesting conceptualization of HTML5 game development: Source Paul Bakaus Flickr

How to create an HTML5 game

Even though Flash games are not in play anymore, they still continue to get made, and their demand remains high. Whether we play them ourselves or not, they evolve, with more and more games being released every day. Keep reading to learn more about this trend.

This has already changed the landscape of HTML5 games and is dominating their format as a result. With features like 3D graphics and interactive objects, it is almost impossible to deny that HTML5 games are versatile! These days, many people are determined to make successful HTML5 games, and all thanks to the upgrade in technology.

You can design games manually using code, and you can do so with HTML5 game building tools. This article will give you the run-down to these building tools and give you many tricks of the trade! This will prove a fun and rewarding introduction to a topic guaranteed to lead fans down a wild path.

What is an HTML5 game?

If you are wondering what HTML5 is, that’s an easy question. Officially, it is known as “the latest iteration of HTML,” but what truly makes it captivating is the plethora of “novel” technologies that were ingeniously engineered to enhance both the backend and user interface of the Internet.

To fulfill our purpose, we will harness the best of each language: HTML5, HTML with its array of impressive features, and JavaScript, silently working behind the scenes to seamlessly blend HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.HTML6 was the new iteration of HTML5 standard and was fully supported by Internet Explorer 9 onwards. By the introduction of new features, HTML 6

The ability to not only create a website, but also make HTML5 games allows us to play this particular type of game. These HTML5 games are some of the most popular ones on the web.

What are the drawbacks of HTML5 Advantages and Disadvantages?

Before HTML5

As we have discussed, before HTML5 we were unable to play multimedia on our website without the help of flash players. We were also only capable of creating static web pages that do not contain any dynamic content or functionality. HTML was also not mobile-friendly.

Maintaining HTML code was also difficult because of its lengthy and complex syntaxes and the code offered no or poor security features. Client-side storage was also not there before HTML5.

Search engine optimization was not supported in earlier versions of HTML and had to be manually coded for different browsers due to its browser-specific nature.

How HTML5 solved those problems?

These tags made it possible to use multimedia (audio and video) within websites, and made them more and more dynamic.

HTML5, which portrays itself as highly secure, is more simply phrased than HTML4, and it is well fleshed out with smart and improved features. In addition, it features a convenient temporary storage system on the client-side through SQL, allowing the browser to access content that may not have fully loaded even when offline.

HTML5 introduced semantic tags that are very helpful in designing webpages, and are very useful for search engine optimization.

HTML5 is cross-platform, meaning that there is no need to write different code for various browsers, and thus saved significant time and cost. Furthermore, HTML5 is also multiple devices friendly, to the extent that its code “renders” well in diverse electronic formats, including smartwatches.

Challenges faced with HTML5.

HTML5 is a recent addition to the Web, therefore it is compatible only with modern browsers such as Chrome (Version 61 or newer). Older browsers, such as Internet Explorer, may encounter difficulties when loading HTML5 content. Its flexibility to run on different sets of devices makes it easy to handle the responsiveness of websites on different displays. Still, it is not implemented on all devices and can also slow a user’

While the code may be fully loaded in the browser, the major parts of it are already cached, so it becomes easy for users to see and work with entire code. Using local storage of critical information is not a good idea because it is available and accessible at all times.

HTML5 is anticipated to provide support for a multitude of video formats, which necessitates the inclusion of numerous potential video formats in the procedure.In contrast, this will lead to an increase in media licensing fees.

Let’s summarize the advantages and disadvantages of HTML5 briefly and in quick tips.


  • Multimedia support
  • Short and simple syntax
  • Improved security features
  • Include semantic tags
  • Cross-platform support


  • Less performant
  • Less optimized code due to the stack of different modules needed to enable HTML5
  • Rendered inside a branch: client-side rendering
  • Local storage is less secure.
  • Media licensing costs
  • Different video supports for different browsers
  • Doesn’t support old browsers
  • Difficulty with responsiveness on the range of devices

HTML5 is an enhanced version of HTML that merges the power of HTML and HMTL to deliver an unparalleled experience, offering an array of impressive features, including seamless multimedia integration and multi-platform versatility. To learn more about the differences, visit the website mentioned.

Even though HTML5 has some problems, since HTML is constantly evolving, these problems will be fixed in the future anyway. Few of these situations actually reflect editing for plagiarism. While all of these scenarios may appear similar,

Building blocks

How to Make an HTML5 Game
How to Make an HTML5 Game

The elements you have chosen are those of a web page; Arduino Javascript, Flex and JSON configuration.



– JavaScript

Similarly to what CSS4 or HTML5 made possible, technological advances can be thought about in an analog question: “What’s the newest thing?” In a pragmatic way we also rely on these hype terms to refer to the latest and greatest version of CSS or HTML. However, when I think of these terms it also means I’m forgetting more about modern technology than is buried in the hype citing. CSS will be with us as long as websites are made, and so would HTML.

HTML5 (JavaScript API’s)

– CSS3

With this you can use awesome web games that run on modern web browsers on smartphones and desktops, but some games might demand more features, thus offering you more building blocks to add to them. <|endoftext|>

For instance, you might want to develop 3D games. One way of dedicating a computer to web-based programs is to use WebGL, which is a JavaScript API powered by the GPU.

Server side

If you want applications to store data remotely or across application servers and databases, you’ll first need to develop a server-side for your game. You’re probably going to need a server in this case.

  • JavaScript (NodeJS)
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby

Or you can use a third-party Backend-as-a-Service provider such as Firebase. Some have free versions you can use, and they’ll start charging you once you surpass certain limits. Some of these providers are particularly focused on games, some are mostly conceived for mobile apps but can be used for games too.

How to distribute an HTML5 game

How to Make an HTML5 Game
How to Make an HTML5 Game – An Example of a game made in HTML 5

The easiest way to create a website similar to the HTML5 “document” is simply to publish it. It can be embedded in a page. Just like that. Cut at the end of part 1

If you want to distribute it as a bundle on a desktop, you must create your game wrapper. That means that a native app is designed so that your games can “play” inside the app like a web browser would do.

The browser application known as NW.js allows for tutorials to create HTML5 games on desktop-like devices such as Windows, Mac, or Linux.

We can only cover the basics here, but we encourage you to join our more in-depth, daily advice about funding your game projects.

HTML5 game frameworks

Almost all game developers strive to focus on the actual game itself, and not to create an abstraction layer that surrounds the page (Game Frameworks). It is, therefore, advised you use a game framework as this will lead to fewer issues and errors in your page’s code.

Tools for creating HTML5 games. HTML5 game frameworks are Open Source applications that are used to create entire games. Developers often create game engines that work well and later decide to make them accessible to a wider audience. This opens up more opportunities for people to utilize these engines. After realizing other people would like to use it but maintain it themselves, they released the game framework. Wish the programmers could do the same thing with silent meditation apps.

Choose a game engine wisely, so be sure to do proper research starting yesterday. Make sure you want to have effective communication with its code, whatever engine you ultimately choose.

  • How can we help you when it comes to your choice?
  • Can your game be played on the desktop, mobile or both?
  • Do they have a functional community?

You can see that there are a lot of people using the framework now.

Hoping to maintain its status or its GitHub page looks like an abandoned town

Some examples of comparing algorithms are analyzing the same driving game, using different languages. The project involves creating “exact” break-out games in order to compare different engines.

Some popular free frameworks include:

Not directly in HTML5

HTML5 game development courses

Compared to watching videos on YouTube, courses and tutorials can be both more structured and more effective. A good course has a clear goal that builds on step by step. A good course is often organized into units and lessons. The courses in this section are those that cover HTML or other game development and creation technologies.

They contain step-by-step tutorials and classes from Zenva, which lets you learn to develop games with minimal effort and reduce potential costs.

Simple HTML5 Game Development

HTML5 Game Development: 2D Platform Game Fundamentals

Game Development in JS – The Complete Guide (w/ Phaser 3)

HTML5 game tutorials

Below are listed some of the best tutorials on Youtube.

HTML5 Game Development by Udemy

How to Make an HTML5 Game Udemy HTML 5 Game Development

HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript Game Tutorial

How to Make an HTML5 Game HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript Game Tutorial

HTML5 Game Development Tutorial

How to Make an HTML5 Game – HTML5 Game Development Tutorial

JavaScript HTML Game Development Tutorial

How to Make an HTML5 Game -JavaScript HTML Game Development Tutorial

HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

How to Make an HTML5 Game – ZENVA HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

Some interesting tutorials available on game development websites.

HTML5 gamedev communities

How to Make an HTML5 Game – Communities

If you are interested in a career in game development there are plenty of active communities and communities focused on HTML5 development from gamedev



Other Communities:

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