overgrowth open source code

Wolfire Games releases Overgrowth open source code

We have been following this studio and this game for several years now, and they were really a big inspiration into getting in game development, and now they are releasing Overgrowth open source code
together with the game engine Overgrowth.

What is Overgrowth?

Overgrowth is a 3D action-adventure game starring anthropomorphic animal characters.

The source code is released under the Apache 2.0 code license.

However, the assets of the game are not in the public domain, so if you want to run the game, you will need to purchase the game.

However, the price of the game has been reduced by 1/3 worldwide, so those interested should check it out.

Overgrowth runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, and the detailed build instructions are available on Github.

overgrowth open source code
overgrowth open source code

They have been working on Overgrowth for 14 years which seems to be their longest running project, being the amazing response and support from fans is one of the main reasons why they continued to work on the game for so long.

Not only have people around the world been playing and enjoying Overgrowth for years, but the community has also been a huge influence on the project. Whether it’s the helpful feedback that leads to better updates, the amazing modders who expand the options available in the game, or the talented artists and creators who expand the style and story of Overgrowth.

Overgrowth open source code Main links.

We always welcome releases of source code like this, as they not only ensure longevity for the game’s fans, but also introduce new learning resources for the development community and hopefully help prolong the game’s commercial success.

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