How to create 2D particles in Godot

How to create 2D particles in Godot

In this post we will compile a list of the best tutorials on how to create 2D particles in Godot.

Content: How to create 2D particles in Godot

Creating 2D particles in Godot

What are Particles systems and how are they important for games

Particle systems are used in a variety of applications to create special effects in games and movies.

This has led to the development of Particle System (PS), which allow users to easily create particle systems.

A PS is software that performs common particle system tasks on your behalf and allows you to adjust parameter values to create a variety of By adjusting parameter values, different particle systems can be created.

Many PSs are inflexible, and if a customer needs features that are not supported by the PSI they are using, they are forced to find another PS that meets their needs or, more commonly, create their own particle system or PS from scratch.

All the main game engines usually integrate Particle Systems that can be easily integrated into the game without too much difficulties.

We are referencing a very interesting document that analyzes the importance of Particle systems for games and give some insights on their characteristics & features

How to create 2D particles in Godot 3.2 (A Beginner Guide to Particles Part 1) by jmbiv

This video will walk you through every single property available to you on a Particles2D node in Godot 3.2. I show you how to use all of these properties, and help you create a confetti cannon effect as a demonstration of how powerful Godot’s particle system is.

In the next video, we’ll create a portal door effect and a blood splatter effect from particles to further put the particle system in Godot to work.

Video Timestamps

0:00 Intro

0:27 CPUParticles2D vs. Particles2D

1:19 Particles2D Overview

2:16 Time

4:38 Drawing & Textures

5:17 Starting to Edit the Particles

5:46 Emission Shape

6:38 Flags

6:53 Direction & Gravity

7:25 Initial Velocity

9:03 Explosiveness (Bursts)

9:52 Angular Velocity

10:35 Orbital Velocity

11:10 Acceleration (Linear, Radial, Tangential)

12:23 Damping

14:19 Angle

14:52 Brief Intermission/Recap

15:10 Scale

15:42 Curves (Still Scale)

18:20 Color & Gradients

20:38 Hue Variation

22:08 Animation

22:22 Trail

23:57 Summary

24:20 Recap of How to Make Confetti

How to Create a Portal and Blood Splatter Effect in Godot 3.2 (Beginner’s Guide to Particles Part 2) by jmbiv

This video will show you how to create a portal effect like Minecraft’s nether door in Godot using particles. I also show you how to make a simple blood splatter effect.

This is part 2 in this series – make sure to watch part 1 to get an overview of how to use particles in Godot 3.2.

0:00 Intro

0:35 Blood Splatter

4:06 Portal Effect

How to create 2D particles in Godot – Particle Systems From BEGINNER To PRO by PlayWithFurcifer

Godot engine has really powerful particle systems that can add a lot to any game. In this video, we show you how to create various effects, some simple, some more advanced.

The video was made for #GoGodotJam 2!

You can download the code from GitHub:

Tutorial Chapters Particle Systems From BEGINNER To PRO

0:00 Simple Flame

2:58 Simple Explosion

4:13 Retro Style Explosion

5:58 Implosion

8:09 Animations

8:56 Shaders

9:59 Particle Shaders

How to make Particles and Visual Effects in Godot by Plester

In this video I will walk you through the creation of some example effects inside the Godot Engine.

Tutorial Chapters How to make Particles and Visual Effects in Godot

00:00 Introduction and examples

00:32 Particles with animated textures

03:50 Offset textures for turbulence effect

06:24 Random texture from sprite sheet

07:55 Vortex effect with HDR colors

09:36 Using code to enhance sprites

Download all the textures and the example project:

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Conclusion: How to create 2D particles in Godot

Godot Engine is a great game engine very powerful and very user friendly that as good approach on almost every subsystem of a game engine, and of course, the particles systems couldn´t be an exception, but rather a confirmation of a solid Unity replacement for game developer wanting to make games without using Unity or Unreal 4/5.

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