Survival Guide for Game Developers

A Survival Guide for Game Developers

The transcript is a presentation titled “A Survival Guide for Game Developers.” The speaker shares their experiences and insights on surviving and succeeding in the game development industry. They discuss topics such as the high likelihood of layoffs, the ever-changing nature of the industry, the importance of culture and fit within a company, and the significance of both hard and soft skills.

The speaker emphasizes the need for emotional intelligence, self-awareness, confidence, and collaboration. They also mention the importance of finding a company culture that aligns with one’s values and goals. The speaker concludes by encouraging individuals to be proactive in improving the industry and advocating for work-life balance.

Survival Guide for Game Developers
Survival Guide for Game Developers

Some of the main highlights are the following:

  1. It really is what design skills are, there’s several versions of what designers are and the several types of designers, but it is and i think that’s the reason, because they don’t know how to quantify a good designer, right.
  2. If you go in there not confident you’re, not going to get anything from a publisher or an investor as a developer, people look at you and you say, yes, i can do this confidence.
  3. Why these important, because i will tell you when you get it, if you do get reviews, the people have the best soft skills by the way and hard skills.
  4. As you’re forming your indie Studios, make sure that you form something that you all will appreciate and like and as you grow, can bring people into it.
  5. That’s what a lot of people use, because if you’re not you’re going to be swimming upstream, and sometimes that happens, and it’s not against all against you, you just don’t fit within that culture.
  6. These people you work with a lot, and it’s really important to make sure.
  7. When i ask, when we go into deadlines, i ask people to move, put some extra effort in i asked i, first of all, give them goals.
  8. Then it became a designer, and then we came to a juicer, but yes, and when i started, by the way, most producers were designers and sorry, most programmers were designers by the way.
  9. This is real important if you’re an indie if you’re going to a publisher or going to get financed, you need to show them that you are that you can do the job that you said you’re going to do that i’m gon na give you money.
  10. Don’t know, right i really don’t i think that pushing publishers to do good work, like balance by habit by companies that promote that and get the good talent there, i think is a good indicator about how to push that forward.
  11. You see programmers that were designers that are designers, and that that’s the way the industry was for a long time in the 90s and in the 80s, too, but from what i heard, but the nineties, for sure.
  12. What i learned is to kind of like deal with stress is to kind of put it in perspective and immediately try to look for ways of dealing with the stress to look for solutions or the way out look forward, not look back, don’t sit down and just go into a loop.
  13. I think i have yes, uh, for someone who is a program who also has interesting being designed like, what do you say about programmers who also have design skills.
  14. It’s really there you have the rational people i, call them the engineers, they’re the rational people.
  15. I also would go to LinkedIn and look for other people, or who worked there and maybe ask directly.
  16. You have to learn to work well with each other, i told someone, asked me, well, what did you learn.
  17. Seriously, one of the things i do is i always kind of look forward.
  18. Do they like have kind of do they advocate for like certain issues.
  19. It may be something that the place that you currently have doesn’t offer you or you think your worth more than what you’re getting always look out for yourself, but be careful about looking at that being careful what to ask for.
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