Unity Engine TUTORIAL Part #01: Make Your First 2D PLATFORMER GAME with UNITY: Level & Player

Want to make a 2D platformer game, and don´t know which engine to choose? in the serie we are making the same game with different engines. In this case the UNITY ENGINE. In this video, we will start to take a look at the building blocks of creating a game for the UNITY game engine.

To make it easier to understand the main difference between the different engines that we are covering, we have thought of implementing the same game with the resources. Since in G Develop we have already started to put the foundations on a new platformer for the Melee tutorials, we have decided to use it too in Construct. There so, In this tutorial, we will import all the assets for the level, player, and enemies, we will create a first draft level, and implement a basic movement that will allow us to control our player character.



The resources will be posted in our website https://game-developers.org/unity-engine-2d-platformer-tutorial/

The project repository



Make Your First 2D Game with Unity: Level & Player is the video that you are watching. Want to see the same game being developed in other tools?

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We have a twitch channel too now, where we are thinking in live streaming



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Unity is one of the leading game engines in the market with more than 2 million developers creating games around the world. In this series of tutorials you will learn on how to solve specific problems associated with UNity and how to develop games with the most used engine by indie developers.

Download UNITY game engine!








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