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The importance of timing in your game digital marketing strategy by @TheJackyMartin

In this very interesting Twitter threads the author highlights The importance of timing in your game digital marketing strategy as to be able to succeed with your game launch.

Original Twitter Thread:The importance of timing in your game digital marketing strategy

Edited Twitter Thread: The importance of timing in your game digital marketing strategy

When do I release my game? 😱

Timing is often overlooked, especially with small teams and even smaller budgets.

This thread is about the importance of timing in your digital marketing strategy.

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game Digital Marketing Strategy
game Digital Marketing Strategy

If you're an indie developer, you're probably focused on developing your game and have a "marketing-at-the-end" type of mindset.

That's okay.

You don't have to do marketing early on, although it can help greatly, if you build an audience to validate your idea.

Over the days I've been asked about timing for game launches.

Should I ride on that hype train for this specific thing?
When is the best time to launch my game or talk about it?

The answer is probably not very satisfactory, because:

It depends.✨

Timing in general is very important in marketing your game.

Christmas is a perfect example of how important it is in traditional marketing!

Right place, right time, right consumer in the right frame of mind is the key to any successful marketing strategy.

What's popular today may not be popular next week.

Chasing a hype may work for some and not at all for others.
It's very volatile and may not be a good long-term strategy.

✨The question is:

Do you want to follow the trends or become a trendsetter yourself?✨

Starting a trend is harder than following trends.

Following gives you instant gratification, but essentially you're piggybacking on someone else's fame.

In a way, you make your success dependent on others doing well.

As you can already imagine, it is all in the planning.

You cannot expect someone else's strategy to apply to your own situation without further thought.

Here's an anecdote as example:

The behavior of consumers varies with the time of the week and the season.

On the first day of winter, people switch from salad to soup.

A soup brands need to accurately predict the perfect time to promote their products.

Great time for soup brands to promote- not for salad.

As you see, it really depends on what you are trying to sell and to whom and at what point in time.

Targeting, message, branding and design all have to go hand in hand for best results.

You can ask yourself the following questions:

✨ Release Timing✨

  • – Is it the right season?
  • – Has market demand changed?
  • – Does the advertising campaign coordinate with its launch?
  • (important for kickstarter campaigns as well)
  • – Research on competitors release schedules?
  • – Strategy if the product launch fails?

Another important factor is how aware people are of the existence of your game.

You want to launch when your game is top-of-mind and not half a year or two later, when people forgot your game is even in development.

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That's a wrap!

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Originally tweeted by Jacky Martin (@TheJackyMartin) on October 31, 2022.

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