best youtube channels to learn GDEVELOP

The best youtube channels to learn GDEVELOP in 2022

As we have down for other game engines, we are compiling the list of the best youtube channels to learn GDEVELOP that you can use to leverage your knowledge on the engine, as to decide if it deserves to be integrated in your game development pipeline.

We have ourselves being supporting the engine that we liked quite a lot, and we have created some tutorials on the engine.

Best youtube channels to learn GDEVELOP Table of Contents

What is Gdevelop

GDevelop 5 is an open-source, cross-platform game engine designed for everyone – it’s extensible, fast and easy to learn. To use GDevelop 5, you must activate JavaScript in your browser or download the desktop version for Windows, macOS or Linux. The online editor is very limited and can only uses art assets that are preloaded by the system.

GDevelop makes it very easy to jump into simple 2D game developing. The quick drag and drop tools for the game space and the easy to follow coding language made it much less intimidating to try and create something! The coding can also be changed from the easy to read written-out style to a more complex coding language for those who want to learn more!

The best youtube channels to learn GDEVELOP in 2022
best youtube channels to learn GDEVELOP – Developer game exampleo from

GDevelop has a variety of templates you can use, from platforming games to RPGs to shooters and more. While it may seem overwhelming to create your own game, GDevelop breaks down the coding into simple commands that teach the basics of coding and making the process approachable and fun. Also, the sprite designer makes it easy to draw quick characters and environmental items!

Although it is being developed at a good speed, and with good support from the open source community, it still needs a bit of more of tutorials and documentation to make things work exactly how it should. It’s surprising the software itself doesn’t have more of a guide, but with the help of this article it should be easy to find videos that will help you.

Also, GDevelop, being a 2D game engine, has the limitations of 3D. the visual scripting although very powerful will eventually make it hard to develop complex games. Incomplete javascript integration, very basic tilemaps integration, no robust Physics and somewhat limited Particles system are some of the bottlenecks that will have to be improved by the developers.

The best youtube channels to learn GDEVELOP in 2022
best youtube channels to learn GDEVELOP – GDdevelop IDE

Even so the limitations, the qualities of the engine and the fact of being open source and free, makes it a very good alternative to develop 2D games.

Compilation of the best youtube channels to learn GDEVELOP


As in the previous examples, we couldn’t start the list without the official youtube channel for the GDevelop Engine. GDevelop is a free to use no code game engine, built around an event system that is powerful and yet easy to understand. GDevelop makes creating and exporting games for PC and mobile easy. Unleash your creativity with GDevelop and create any kind of game: platformers, puzzles, shoot ’em up, strategy, 8-bit games. and much other types of games.

Wishforge Games

A very interesting channel with high quality contents on all aspects of using GDevelop for your game. The channel is run by Andrew Dynamite aka Wishforge Games, and it approaches Gamedev and GDevelop Tutorials, Pixelart, Interviews, Freebies and much more. The channel uses in different occasions examples from their own games which helps leveraging the engine and its capacities to make games that can be published.

Game Developers

Yes, our own channel has very good content on learning to use Gdevelop to develop games 🙂

Helper Wesley

The channel from a Solodev that uses GDevelop to produce impressive amounts of prototypes with very interesting mechanics. It is not always focused in teaching how you can use the engine, but the examples that he is usually showing will allow you to better understand the engine.

The Gem Dev

A channel focused on creating tutorials on game development with gdevelop 5 and godot, with a focused not only on using games by themselves, but also the features and capabilities of the game engines used.


A very productive channel with a lot of different tutorials on different aspects of game development. The content that has been created for the Develop engine is very good and very easy to follow.


Some really good insights on how to approach game development with GDdevelop.

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