3A Pandora Box DX Arcade Console

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3A Pandora Box DX Arcade Console 2700 Retro Games Pandora’s Box 9D

Pandoras Box 9D Arcade Video Game Console Tips:

1.We have added favorites list function. You can see your favourite games on the top of the game selecting page.
2.We have added more games in this console. There are 2700 games now.
3.There may be something same among some games, but after playing for more time, you will find out that they are actually different. The purpose that we provide these games is to enhance the users’ gaming experience.
4.If you need the complete list of games, please contact us.
5.If you have any questions, please contact us. We will solve any product problems for you.

3A Pandora Box DX Arcade Console Video Game Console Package Included:

  • 1x Arcade Game Console
    2x Buttons
    1x Power cable
    1x Power adapter
    1x VGA data cable
    1x HDMI data cable
    1xUSB cable
    1xUser Manual

3A Pandora Box DX Arcade Console Video Game Console  fulll list of games

this document.

3A Pandora Box DX Arcade Console  Summary features

[NEWEST SYSTEM]: TanDer Pandora Box 9D offer the users 2700 games.While allowing users to return to the fun of childhood, TanDer Pandora Box 9D also provides users with the opportunity to experience modern games.This brand new system will make Pandora box more interesting.
[FAVOURITE LIST]: Pandora box 9D machine has a newest function that the other pandora’s box hasn’t, we call that favorite list function.Using the favorite list function, you can add your favorite game to the ‘favourite game list’ which showing on the home page, so you can find them faster and save more time for playing your wanted games.
[FULL HD]: 1280×720 HDMI and VGA full definition output, arcade console hdmi, the output resolution is 48% clearer than Pandora Box. With the compatibility with all the HD TV screen and personality computer, you will have a wonderful visual experience.
[CUSTOMERIED BUTTONS]: In order to give the users a better TanDer game experience, we have introduced this custom function. Players can adjust the button definition order for what they want.In addition, TanDer 9D Pandora also supports multiplayer online games,up to four people at a time.
[2700 HD Arcade Games] Arcade Video Game Console 2700 Retro Games Pandora’s Box 9D Arcade Machine Double Arcade Joystick Built-in Speaker

3A Pandora Box DX Arcade Console Features

  • [3A ORIGINAL SYSTEM]: Original Pandora Box DX Arcade Console come with the newest 3D system. While allowing users to return to the fun of childhood. Better user interface and user experience. Pause/Save/Hide/Search Games; High Score Record; Favorite List; Download 2D/3D Games; Multiplayers Game Online; Customizable Buttons; Game Classification; One Key Switch Language; Image Enhancement etc.
  • [ADD EVEN MORE GAMES]: Built-in USB ports allows you to add new games in a flash! Support FBA/MAME/PS1/SFC/MD/FC emulators, download the game ROM(s), unzip, copy to USB drive and insert into the USB port. The new games show up in the game lists and are added to the recent games list once launched.
  • [FULL HD 1280×720 RESOLUTION]: Pandora Box DX provides a variety of resolution switching including 1280 x 720, 640 x 480, fully compatible with all HD TV/Monitor screens and Projectors. Full HD 720P via HDMI or VGA: video resolution is 50% greater vertically and nearly 80% greater horizontally than previous 480P Pandora’s Box versions. Built in to our newest Retro Arcade Console, this state-of-the-art technology delivers a breath-taking, high-quality video and audio experience.
  • [Wide Compatible & Customized Buttons]: Support VGA & HDMI & USB Output, Suitable for TV/PC/Laptop/Monitor/Projector. Cannot hook up to PS3/PS4/XBOX controllers. Just Plug & Play Only! In order to give the users a better gaming experience, we have introduced this custom function. Players can adjust the button definition/order for what they want.
  • [SLEEK, ERGONOMIC DESIGN]: Our LED-backlit acrylic upper panel is both stylish and durable. Controls are precise and solid. The ultra-slim, all-metal chassis is fan cooled and has a built-in speaker for portable gaming convenience. These exclusive features make this the unquestionable arcade game console of choice, whether for your own enjoyment or as a really nice gift.

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