gdevelop contra tutorial

contra tutorial

Welcome our  CONTRA tutorial series on how to develop a contra’s like-game, with free visual game engine G DEVELOP.

Play the last version


Contra tutorials series on youtube


In this page, you will be able to find all the resources that we have used in building the game covered in the video tutorials developed with free game engine GDevelop.


We will upload all the new assets to to the ITCHIO and we are thinking in opening a Github for the project, let us know which you like the most in the comments below.


Resources used:

he Tank Sprites used as turret

8 Bit Collect Sound

New Gun Sprite

the Contra Level Map used in the video:

Contra´s Wikipedia


Mindmap created:
Contra is a complex game but we will try to get as far as possible in cloning.

Free Art Assets:
in case you want to make something close from Contra, you have also this spritesheets

The Enemy Juggernaut

Jughead – Military Character Art repository:

Play the game the current version of the game being developed


Download the CONTRA assets

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