How to create a new Car Realistic Physics

Any Car Controller Unity - How to create a new Car | Realistic Physics

Want to know how to make a racing or simulation car game? Then you need to know How to create a new Car Realistic Physics as to be able to get the right behaviours in the game and make it fun to play. This what we will be taking a loot at in this article.

You have to take in consideration that this tutorial doesn´t cover the full range of tasks, assets and code required to implement a full racing car, but it is certainly a good start.

In addition to creating realistic physics for the car in your game, you will also need to consider factors such as the environment and terrain in which the car will be driving. This includes things like friction, gravity, and aerodynamics, all of which can impact the behavior and performance of your virtual vehicle.

Another important aspect of creating a racing or simulation car game is designing an intuitive and responsive user interface that allows players to easily control their car. This can involve developing a variety of input methods, such as keyboard controls or gamepad support, as well as implementing features like customizable controls or steering assists.

Finally, you will need to focus on the overall game design and mechanics, such as creating challenging tracks or environments that keep players engaged, including various power-ups or bonuses throughout the course, and ensuring that your game has a proper balance between realism and fun. With these key elements in place, you can create an exciting and immersive racing or simulation experience that is sure to keep players coming back for more!

Contents – How to create a new Car Realistic Physics

Any Car Controller

Any Car Controller source youtube

Any Car Controller for Unity, this is a tutorial on how to create a new car in unity and be able to drive around with realistic physics. This amazing tool is powered by BoolBird and it offers the best features with the best optimized code.

That makes Any Car Controller the best tool to create realistic cars with the lowest usage of CPU. That’s why it is a perfect script for mobile games.

Here you can find a detailed manual at:

Let’s have a look at some of the characteristics of this script:

– Easy and Quick set up
– Fully customizable Extra Wheels
– Advanced wheels attributes
– Full Engine customization
– Manual and Auto Trasmission
– Flexible Gear System
– Turbo
– Digital or Analog Speedometer
– Exhaust Flame and Smoke
– Skid Marks
– Realistic Car Physics
– Any Camera System
– Cool Mobile Interface
– Cross Platform Inputs supported
– Custom Engine Sounds supported

Watch the tutorial and see with your eyes how easy is to use Any Car Controller, and it works with literally any wheeled vehicle.

Car physics in unity 3D (uphill traction)

Car physics in unity 3D – Source Youtube

Here are some additional tips for making your car go uphill:

Arcade racing game

Learn how to create Arcade-style Car Driving in Unity with a brand new tutorial! Source – Youtube

Key Points


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an arcade-style car controller in Unity. The car controller will allow you to move the car forward, backward, left, and right. You will also be able to turn the car.

The car controller is made up of two parts: a sphere object and a script. The sphere object represents the physical car. The script moves the sphere and follows the player’s input.

To create the car controller, follow these steps:

  1. Create a sphere object.
  2. Add a rigidbody component to the sphere.
  3. Create a script.
  4. Attach the script to the car object.
  5. Fill in the script with the following code:

Code snippet

public float speed;
public float turnStrength;

void FixedUpdate() {
    // Get the player's input.
    float inputX = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
    float inputY = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");

    // Calculate the car's speed based on the input.
    speed = Mathf.Clamp(inputX * speed, -1, 1);

    // Apply a force to the sphere to move it at the calculated speed.
    transform.Translate(Vector3.right * speed * Time.fixedDeltaTime);

    // Update the car's position to match the sphere's position.
    transform.position = sphere.transform.position;

Use code with caution. Learn morecontent_copy

  1. Play the game and test the car controller.

Download the setup project files here:

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